Featured CrossFit Success Story

Tracy Carnell – Program Design Client

| By Kevin

I decided to get an experienced coach to design a program for me when I felt I needed a little more to improve my own personal goals. I enjoy quicker improvement and the feeling of being able to perform a majority of the movements in class RX’d. I knew to achieve this I needed to work on my gymnastics, my squat strength and anything overhead. I got enough out of class but just needed a coach to provide me with the step-by-step process based on my current level to advance my skills further.

Hiring Russell, helped me find out where the holes in my training were, and opened my eyes up to what I needed to tweak and what I needed a lot of work on. It gave me a sense of comfort knowing the plan to tackle and improve my weak areas; I enjoyed having the guess worked removed! Having a personalized program gave me direction in working towards my goal, and having a coach who believed my goals were not far off was a huge part. Moreover, being held accountable to the program worked very well for me.

Doing the program I am happy to say, my leg strength has dramatically increased, which allowed me to handle the weights during the 2017 CrossFit Open. Also,  I can do bar muscle-ups! and am getting closer to Ring Muscle-ups, and I’m getting better at handstand walks.

I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to get better to achieve their goals!