Featured CrossFit Success Story

Tony Van Den Camp – Program Design Client

| By Kevin

I have been working for Dave for around 6 months now; when I initially started with Dave I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect…. he’s a big guy and has quite the work capacity in the gym. Since working with Dave, I have come to make advancement and gains that I didn’t think I would achieve. At the beginning of this year I made a goal to squat clean 300#, Snatch 225#, achieve a bar muscle-up and  a ring muscle-up.

Since working with Dave, I have managed to successfully complete a power clean of 285#, power snatch of 205#, and 31 bar muscle-ups in a single workout; with the exception of the ring muscle up, I have gone beyond what I thought I could achieve. His variety of programming and coaching has led me to push myself further and believe in myself more, the old adage “trust the process” definitely rings true with Dave. Most days I suffer a lot but it has been worthwhile every step of the way.

As well, I enjoy how Dave programs to my schedule or needs. He has been quick to adjust my programming to continue letting me train when we run into obstacles such as injuring myself due to activities I partake in outside of the gym; each time I have informed him of my injury and while focusing on recovery from my injury. As a husband, father of 2 and overworked engineering my schedule is very hectic and erratic; Dave has been there to help me keep my focus and work with me to what I am able to commit to. I am excited to see where his program takes me and the challenges it provides me.