Featured CrossFit Success Story

Scott Wearmouth – Program Design Client

| By Kevin

I was really struggling with how to build strength and more importantly, build strength in such a way that would benefit my CrossFit. I spent a couple months programming my own strength workouts and doing them before I did a class WOD. I soon realized that I was falling into the same ‘ol repetitive routine in addition to the fact that I was not really seeing the strength gains I knew were possible. I honestly started to feel slightly defeated…..all this extra work I was putting in was not yielding much for gains.
It was not long before I realized I did not have enough knowledge to successfully write my own programming. I knew the right coach would design a program for me that was well rounded and would force me to work on my weaknesses. Not only did I want to bring my strength numbers up but also my gymnastics skills while at the same time still progressing with my conditioning.

I absolutely love receiving a multi-week program and knowing exactly what I will be doing for the next few weeks. It has allowed me to plan my daily recovery and rest days accordingly. It’s one less thing I need to spend energy thinking about.

I have been receiving personalized programming for about 18 months now. I have seen massive overall increases in my strength, skill, power and overall conditioning. It has provided me with the confidence to enter any competition knowing I can move the prescribed weights and perform any gymnastic movements they throw at me. My goals for this season are to finish the 2017 Open in the top 150 worldwide for Masters as well as make the AI regionals team. Ultimately my long-term goal is to qualify for The CrossFit Games in the Master’s category.