Featured CrossFit Success Story

Nikki Hong – Program Design Client

| By Kevin

I wanted to get better faster and build more confidence in the movements, Coach Russell had designed a program specific to me for 8 weeks. He understood my goals and where I needed to improve. For myself, some of the the movements in the class are very technical. Modifications are always available, but I found it was very difficult to make an improvement. For me, it was mostly due to lack of confidence as I wasn’t sure if I would be able to move to next progression; which prevented me from trying new things even though I wanted to. I needed more personalized  guidance to feel a little more confident and less intimidated but did not know where to look for available resources.

I have been attending Coach Russell’s classes regularly during weekdays, I felt he would be the best to understand my abilities where to start and also to monitor my progress. From the beginning, I have enjoyed attending classes, but I always have stayed in my comfort zone never really trying to improve. Russell was the one who started to push me to go little heavier and faster during classes, so I felt motivated and confident around him. Eventually, it got me wondering if I could do more if I would really try to get better. Having an individualized program, and working with a coach personally, helped me understand where my weaknesses were and what I would need to improve on. Moreover, getting continuous feedback on targeted areas, and support was motivating and encouraging.

I really enjoyed the progress, and was gratified with the results. I felt like my overall workout quality has been improved as my movements and forms got better thus my satisfaction after each classes/open gym also got boosted. With a program designed for me, my physical abilities definitely have been improved. However, the greater benefit I have been getting is relating to my mindset. My confidence has been up; I am willing to challenge myself, and failing does not turn into discouragement anymore.  I have become excited to discover what I am capable of, eager to learn, and happy to push myself further!