Featured CrossFit Success Story

Mat Clark – Lean Body Program

| By Kevin

After years of working out a few times a week while maintaining a busy life with a demanding career, family and some time for myself,  I hadn’t really seen the results I thought I should. Especially when I have been training at least 3-4x a week consistently over the years. I heard the Lean Body Program was a really good way to learn healthy,  and clean living so I decided to see what I could achieve before entering summer. When I started the program, I liked how easy the program was and that it was not a bunch of hokey fad diet tips.

I was very impressed with how knowledgeable Kevin and Mary-Kay was, teaching everyone how your body processes and reacts to everything you eat. The biggest thing I took away from the 12-week Lean Body Program was learning to be more aware, and not accepting that the way I feel in terms of energy is “normal” and that my daily decisions in what I eat and lifestyle choices affect me in a good or bad way. After the program, I lost a total of 22 lbs, and 5.2% body fat. I am continuing the healthy habits taught in the program and have been easily able to implement it in my lifestyle.