Featured CrossFit Success Story

Kat Laforet – Program Design Client

| By Kevin

After doing CrossFit for a year, I loved my progress so much throughout class. After my first year, I wanted to get better than where I was currently at, and I knew the things that I wanted to work on but I didn’t know the best way to actually improve those skills.  It’s so obvious in CrossFit that coming in and working on one isolated movement is not necessarily the best way to improve.  After seeing the fast improvement of others who are competitors at AI, I understood that having those weaknesses incorporated into a well thought-out program is proving to be a much better way to progress.

I spoke to an AI Coach who had an excellent grasp on what my goals are and the specific things that I need to focus on in order to reach those goals.  When I say ‘something I am doing in this movement isn’t quite right’, not only was he able to identify what the problem is, but my experience with some coaching sessions is very effective at providing the cues that make sense to me.  He is very good at listening to what my training concerns and challenges are and implementing then into my program each cycle. Each cycle that was designed, I like how it is specifically made with my goals in mind, and designed around everything about me and how to move me closer towards my goals.  I know that every day when I come in, I am doing something with a specific purpose to help me improve and work on my weaknesses. Since going on a program designed for me, my Olympic lifting and Gymnastics skills have drastically improved, and I look forward to hitting more goals int his upcoming year!