World-Class Gymnast Core Strength For The Everyday Person

| By Kevin

Isn’t it odd after a workout with a massive amount of push-ups your back feels stiff?

What about after doing:

  • Planks?
  • Toes-to-Bar?
  • Even pull-ups?!

But planks and toes-to-bar are supposed to be strengthening your core…right? Lower back pain is common when doing these but NOT normal and it’s not your fault!

We were never taught how to engage these muscles properly and how to FEEL if your core muscles are working. What you’ve probably heard it’s just squeezing your abs? WRONG!

Your core is like a 360-degree cylinder that wraps around, so this includes your abs AND your back, and getting them to work together in harmony. However, with years of movement repetition, poor posture, or sport specific movements can create a storm of building dysfunction on top of dysfunction.

Maybe you can relate to one of these scenarios?

  • You get back pain after standing for long periods
  • You don’t feel sore abs after toes-to-bar, hollow-rocks or push-ups
  • Your twisting your body left and right during a Deadlift workout to loosen up your lower back
  • You need to do “Reach & rolls” after doing multiple kettlebell swings
  • Your lower back hurts after planks
  • Your ABS aren’t sore after an AB workout!!!!

Our bodies are programmed to be lazy, it will take the path of least resistance to keep up with what you’re doing. After our core muscles are tired our body’s go back to overusing our lower back muscles again causing compression and stiffness.

Without focused training and someone guiding you in how to properly engage your abs, it eventually leads to weaker ABs. Your core is the center of all your stability and you’re using it ALL-DAY from:

  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Running
  • CrossFit
  • Carrying groceries

The trick is making it strong enough where it becomes something you don’t need to think about because it’s programmed to be “turned-on” 24/7. Learning how to engage your core helps relieve the pressure on your lower back to take away the stiffness allowing you to get stronger faster with stability such as,

  • Running and sprinting
  • Deadlift, Clean and Jerk, and Snatch
  • OR just being able to stand without back pain

A World-Class Gymnast Core Strengthening Program Designed For The “Everyday Athlete”

Coach Patrich will be holding a targeted program for 5-weeks teaching you how to engage your core muscles and learn what it feels like when it’s “on” or when it’s “off.” More importantly, build those rock hard Abs for next summer!

Each week you’ll be lead through a series of progressive exercises selected to build

  • Core endurance
  • Gaining core Strength & upper body mobility
  • Integration into your daily movement

Here’s what the outline will look like

  • Week 1: Bent Hollow Body Hold, Scapula Shrugs, Seated Russian Twist, Tuck Up, Assisted Squat, Incline Push Up.
  • Week 2: Bent Hollow Body Rock, Forearm Plank, Forearm Side Plank Twist, Straddle Up, Parallel Squat, Push Up.
  • Week 3: Straddle Hollow Body Hold, Plank, Side Plank Arch, V Up, Full Squat, Psuedo Planche Push Up,
  • Week 4: Straddle Hollow Body Rock, Single Arm Plank, Back Extension, Half Tuck Leg Lift, Elevated Deck Squat, Bench Dip,
  • Week 5: Hollow Body Hold, Planche Lean, Twisting Back Extension, Half Leg Lift, Deck Squat, Negative Dip

No idea what the heck it means? No worries you’ll be shown and walked through on using these specialized exercises to build your base. BUT in case for those who are really keen to search of it here you go!

Everyone will be different when starting. We got you covered!

You’ll go through an assessment on your first day so we’ll know where you’re at and what kind of attention you need to fill in the gaps of where you are, to where you’ll end up after the 5 weeks.
That’s right! No guessing then giving you a templated program, a pat on the back and “good-luck.”

Because this class is capped at 6 people. We can work with you down to the smallest detail almost like a 1:1 session.

The program begins Nov 9 and will run every Thursday @ 5:30pm for 5 weeks. You’ll be assessed, so you know where you’re at and how you have improved!

You’ll also get workout homework designed for you to do during the week before your next class with Pat.

We’re only taking 6 people in this class so we can allow maximal customization for every level.

Email: to register

Gym members and Non-Gym members welcomed:

  • MEMBERS – $175
  • NON-MEMBERS – $250

If you’re tired of dealing with lower back stiffness after a workout, hearing coaches say tighten your core or your massage/physio/chiro saying you have a weak core.

Sign-up today by emailing

About Coach Patrich “The Bodyweight Strength Specialist”

Coach Patrich has been a student and worked with the top bodyweight and gymnastics coaches in the world such as Ido portal, and Gymnastics Bodies. He is certified in CrossFit Gymnastics, Level 2 MovNAT (Natural Movement) and recently has been accepted into the GMB gymnastics mentorship program to directly work with the founders.