Start CrossFit with our Fundamentals Class

| By Kevin

What is the CrossFit Fundamentals Bootcamp?

The CrossFit Fundamentals Bootcamp is for anyone looking to start CrossFit. We go 4 hours on Saturday, where we teach you all the mechanics of the foundational movements we do in our CrossFit class. You can expect to learn,

  • Complex movements with proper technique and drastically prevent injury
  • How to use your core, back, and legs together to get stronger
  • How to unstiffen upper back and hip muscles

What can I expect in the Fundamentals Bootcamp?

You will be moving quite a bit, and your movements will range from weightlifting to gymnastics movements. Bring some water, and at the end of the sessions we do a small team workout to allow you to practice what you learned in a workout setting.

You’ll be doing

  • 4 Functional upper body movements
  • 8 Functional lower body movements
  • 3 Combined Upper & Lower body movements

What is the Cost?

50% off until Nov 30th @ $60 for the 1 day, email to register

PLUS A CHANCE TO WIN 3 months free (if you attended before Nov 30)

The Next CrossFit Fundamentals Bootcamp will be held

We’re located at,

  • Athlete Inside Performance
    • South Address | Bay# 121, 4615 112 Avenue SE right beside NAPA

Email us at OR click here to contact us through our site.

What’s Next After The Fundamentals?

Receive 2 weeks FREE to attend any of our CrossFit Classes.