Start CrossFit with our Fundamentals Class

| By Kevin

What is the CrossFit Fundamentals Class

The CrossFit Fundamentals Class is for anyone looking to start CrossFit. We go 4 hours on either on a Saturday OR Sunday to teach beginners  all how to perform the lifts we do in class.

You can expect to learn,

  • Complex movements with proper technique and drastically prevent injury
  • How to use your core, back, and legs together to get stronger
  • How to unstiffen upper back and hip muscles

What can I expect in the Fundamentals Class?

You will be moving quite a bit, and your movements will range from weightlifting to gymnastics movements. It’s kept to a maximum of 6 people so we can customize any small tweaks if you have previous injuries or physical limitations, or if you need extra hands-on instruction.

You’ll be doing

  • 4 Functional upper body movements
  • 8 Functional lower body movements
  • 3 Combined Upper & Lower body movements

What is the Cost?

Start your new challenge with our New year’s package.

Regular price to start with Fundamentals + 1 Month of classes  – $295

YOUR NEW YEARS PACKAGE – $99 (includes fundamentals and your 1st month)

email to register and SAVE!

The Next CrossFit Fundamentals Class will be held (Pick 1)

  • Feb 3 – 9am
  • Feb 10 – 9 am
  • Feb 17 – 9 am
  • Feb 24 – 9 am

We’re located at,

  • Athlete Inside Performance
    • South Address | Bay# 121, 4615 112 Avenue SE right beside NAPA

Email us at OR click here to contact us through our site.

What’s Next After The Fundamentals?

Don’t pay anything yet. We’ll give you 2 weeks FREE to attend any of our CrossFit Classes and added value classes (Olympic Lifting and Mobility)