The AI Lean Body Program

| By Kevin

How We Can Help You Transform Yourself Sept 6 Nov 29 –  2016

The AI Lean Body Challenge is a fat loss program that understands the individual and the progression required to make lasting change. In this challenge you’ll get coaching on

  • Nutritional foundations to build a healthy fat loss platform
  • Phasing into nutrition for fat loss
  • Mindset and Overcoming obstacles by a Mental Performance Coach Ed Tseng
  • Lifestyle integration for maintenance

I will be guiding you through 12 weeks of the nutritional progression for fat loss from month to month, here’s a snap shot of what each month will look like.

  • Month #1 – Align your diet, your motivation, and your nutrition
  • Month #2 – Kickstart your metabolism
  • Month #3 – Calorie cycling technique for fat loss

All the information will be given to you conveniently each Friday by video, and each week you’ll have nutritional goals that build on top of each other. But wait! There’s more! I will be providing support in multiple ways such as,

  • Weekly Online Video Group Consultations
  • Private Facebook Support
  • Mindset Coaching via customized videos made specifically for this program

During this challenge, we will have 3 measurement points done by precision body fat calipers at both our locations AI South in Southeast Calgary & AI North in Northwest Calgary.

Detailed Schedule & Agenda

  • Online Group Coaching every Monday starting Sept 12, 2016
    • 6:30pm & 7:30pm MDT
  • Caliper Measurements
    • AI South – TBD
    • AI North – TBD

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Normally for a 1 on 1 nutrition consult package with all the support like this would cost $1,800, however in this group supported program, it is drastically reduced, and you get the support and accountability of like minded people working to achieve the same goal!

Choose From 3 Program Packages 

  • Nutrition Only – Member and Non-Members – $475
  • Nutrition + 3 Month Class Membership – $949
  • Nutrition + 2x a week BootCamp classes – $849

How To Register OR More Questions?

  • email: we’ll be happy to help you right away
  • OR Click Here to email us (scroll to the bottom)

Meet Your Coach

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