The AI Lifestyle Challenge Returns in 2017

| By Kevin

Challenge Starts Jan 9 – Feb 10 2017 OPEN TO MEMBERS & NON-MEMBERS

email: to register

Body Fat Measurements Start Jan 9 2017

What Is This Challenge?
The AI lifestyle challenge is designed to not only teach you about better food habits to drop a waist size or to increase your performance. It also helps you understand the other factors that help you burn fat, have energy throughout the day, and increased performance. For 30 days, this challenge is all about stepping back and taking care of yourself first!

How Does It Run?

The challenge is based off a point system, you will recieve a list of healthy habits to perform, and each healthy habit you do, you get a point. In turn this is designed for everyone.


There will be a cash prize that will be a portion of your entry fee. The Pot will be location specific. This means that all participants at AI North will have their own total pot, and AI South will have their own. The larger the entrants the bigger the pot.

Average Of Participant Results In Previous Years

  • 2013 – Top weight loss was 12 lbs, and 5% body fat loss
  • 2014 – Top weight loss was 10 lbs, and 5.6% body fat loss
  • 2015 – Top weight loss was 13.5 lbs and 6.5% body fat loss
  • 2016 – Top weight loss was 7.1 lbs and 6.8% body fat loss


STEP 1: Email and register yourself for the challenge that starts Jan 9th 2017

STEP 2: Choose a location to get measured either at AI South (Jan 9) or AI North (Jan 10)

STEP 3: You will be emailed a guide book on nutrition in how much to eat, and what to eat, review the book

STEP 4: You’ll be emailed a login and password to log into the leaderboard system to see how you’re doing against other challengers


Follow-up Measurements

AI South – Feb 8

AI North – Feb 9

What Do You Get For Support?


1) Practical Nutrition Cheat Sheet to help you get started

  • Each participant will get a cheat sheet
  • In the cheat sheet you will have a list of foods to choose from, with that you can cook and flavour however you want
  • You will also get an idea how to measure portion sizes and meal composition based on your body fat range
  • For those that want to gain muscle, there will be a list of carbohydrates to choose from and stick to
  • A planning guide will also be included in the cheat sheet which will give you an idea on how to plan for the week or intra week

2) Private Facebook Group for Challengers only

There will be a private facebook group for any additional support to all challengers by our expert nutrition coaches Kevin Kwan, and Coach Mary-Kay

3) Live Leaderboard & Online Points Entry

  • The challenge will be based on points, meaning you will be given a sheet of habits worth specific amount of points. Each time you do them you give yourself a point and record your daily points into the online leaderboard
  • You will see how you rank during the challenge
  • Points can be entered daily or weekly online anywhere

4) Coached Conditioning Classes at AI

To non-members, the challenge price will include your introduction to functional lifting class on Jan 7 or 8, 2017 lead by one of our senior coaches, and 1 month of any classes offered at AI.

The fundamentals is one day for 4 hours in a small group setting up to 5 particiants, so we can focus on teaching you the movements and provide any special considerations based on your ability and mobility.

5) A chance to win some cash for upgrading your health!

  • There will be a cash prize for 1st place male and female, that is location specific
  • 2nd and 3rd places will depend on the number of participants
  • AI North will have their own pot, and AI South with have their own
  • The pot will depend on how many participants have signed up

NON-MEMBER STARTER PRICE $325 – Includes Fundamentals & Your 1st Month of CrossFit Classes ($120 savings)
Members – $150

**Membership will not renew after 30 days, however continuing membership can be worked out

EMAIL: to register or for more information