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Nutrition based around you

In our sessions we focus on YOU, the individual, rather than give you a basic template.

Our nutrition program is about making changes in your habits, so you can learn what good nutrition and health is for the long term.

Everyone distributes fat differently, and we have different past lifestyles that have brought us to this point of where you are right now. We use a manual calibrated precision caliper to measure you body fat, and BioSignature as a tool to help give direction on what is causing fat loss plateaus, and which hormones are influencing this.

Based on how your storing your fat, we come up with a nutritional plan to start readjusting the body to optimal health to start burning fat. In each additional follow up we re-measure to see how the results are, and where you’ve lost it on your body, from there we make adjustments based off the results.

How Does It Work?

  1. Your First Session

    Your first session will be 1 hour. We do a food log audit of your dietary habits, and an analysis of your lifestyle like, energy levels, sleep quality, and past behaviors.

    Based on the findings, and what your answers were from the questionnaire, we come up with your first nutrition plan for 3-4 weeks.

  2. Second Session & Beyond

    After 3-4 weeks, we re-measure, and make adjustments based on changes in your body composition, and then meet again in 2-3 weeks time to allow changes to happen.

    Through out the process we are available via email or phone to answer questions or discuss any problems you are running into.

Membership Types & Pricing

  • 12 Sessions


  • 5 Sessions


  • 3 Sessions


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* Note: We do use natural supplementation in our nutrition program. In today’s modern world we lack having optimal levels of what we need in our food. The type of supplements depends on the individuals results and is used to assist in replenishing the body with what it needs, these supplements are not included in the price.

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