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CrossFit AI is a Calgary CrossFit gym located in South Calgary. See our location.

Just What is Crossfit, anyway?

New to CrossFit? Or is wondering what the heck it is?

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that utilizes functional movement performed in a circuit fashion. Workouts in the CrossFit program vary from day to day, which keeps your body guessing, in turn decreasing the chance of you plateauing.

Put simply, regardless of your goal or desired outcome, CrossFit can make you better. From day to day life, to sports specific training, to preventative fitness.

There is no ideal CrossFitter, all are welcome (and at any fitness level). We only ask that you work hard.

How Does It Work?

  1. Join the workout of the day (WoD) in the class schedule

    Members can book online via their computer or smartphone to enroll in a class.

    • Each day’s workout is unique!

    • Classes are capped at 10-14 people

    • Class length is one hour

  2. Every workout is led by a dedicated coach/trainer

    The coach leads the class and makes sure you are always moving correctly and using the most correct form possible.

    Our coaches are experienced, passionate, and approachable.

  3. Every workout of the day (WoD) has the following 4 parts:

    1. The warmup - getting ready for the workout
    2. Technique - specific instruction for us to improve on key movements
    3. The Workout (or WoD)
    4. A cool down or mobility session

Membership Types & Pricing

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*Must provide letter of full-time enrollment

All memberships include:
  • Unlimited Classes

  • Access to open-gym

  • Free (optional) nutrition consultation

  • Another included feature

Membership requirement:

All new members must take or have taken the CrossFit Fundamentals course. Another line to make this 3 lines in total.

Why is this?
Payment & Refunds:

We accept cash, cheque or VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Prices do not include GST.

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A room full of sweaty people lifting things can be daunting! We've all been there and we're excited to welcome you.

Free Intro Class (optional)

Learn about CrossFit and try a FREE CrossFit workout in a fun & safe environment.

In the free intro class a CrossFit AI coach will introduce you to the core CrossFit concepts, and then guide you through your first workout.

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Fundamentals Course (required)

The Fundamentals course teaches you how to perform the CrossFit movements properly.

Many of the core CrossFit movements are complicated and take time to learn; such as deadlifting, squatting, cleaning, and snatching.

We require the fundamentals to ensure our members are remain safe, injury free, and successful.

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Questions? Email us at and we'll get you sorted!

If you’ve completed the CrossFit Fundamentals course at another CrossFit Gym, please email to discuss your membership.