Kevin Kwan


  • Bachelor’s of Business Operations
  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • Poliquin International Certified Practitioner Level 2
  • BioSignature Level 2
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2

My Story

I have been strength training since 2004, and utilizing CrossFit as apart of my training program since 2007. I am one who believes that a practitioner should practice what they preach. In the past years, I have competed in many sports utilizing training concepts from CrossFit to supplement them, as well as nutritional knowledge from my education. I completed the Canadian Death Race, a 125km trial race, competed in Olympic Weightlifting in the 85kg class, and also the CrossFit Games in 2008. I also understand the importance of proper progression of movement, and mobility. I suffered chronic hip pain in 2006, and for 2 years, it was to the point where I was on crutches on some days. However finding the practitioner with the right approach coupled with proper strengthening, I was able to heal and compete again.

With my cultivated experience, I am passionate about providing information, guidance, and coaching people to reach their next level of health, and performance to make them better than what they were when they started. From my personal experience, I understand the integration of what is required for optimal health and performance. I am an expert in nutrition for vitality, and sport performance, movement, and getting people strong, and fast. Come in, and try one of our classes at AI or feel free to talk to us about our nutrition programs, I start where you start so you can move forward to your next level.