Why Do I Have To Do CrossFit Fundamentals?

| By Kevin

Have you ever heard your friends say this about CrossFit?

  • CrossFit is dangerous.
  • I didn’t get a sweat cause I was trying to figure out this “jump, flippy move” they showed me
  • I hurt my back or shoulder doing CrossFit.
  • CrossFit? That’s way too intense.
  • I didn’t know what the F*ck I was doing in the workout!

Then we accept the opinion because your friend OR  YouTube, OR even “Gym Fails” on Facebook, is all the information you need right?

Put it this way,

Have you ever heard of negative opinions in your life, about a product, vacation spot, or service… but when you went to find out more for yourself — It was a completely opposite experience. And you wonder how your buddy had such a negative experience?

With a program that requires a high aptitude for coaching due to teaching a complete beginner how to use all the muscles in their body to do a complex movement. We’ve heard all the opinions in the past 8 years.

Our question: How did their friends start?

  • Did they get thrown into their first class to do these foreign movements with less than 5-mins of instruction?
  • Did they tell the coach or did the coach recognize limitations in the warm-up before the workout?
  • Did the coach push them to do more weight their first day when they can’t even do what’s on the bar?

The #1 cause of injury or poor experience in CrossFit is…

Not knowing what to do or being shown a movement you’ve never done before. Stack on learning it under 5-minutes before the coach starts the workout timer, and you’ve got a formula for disaster and negative things to say after.

No athlete that’s new should EVER be thrown into a  CrossFit class… we want to ensure you’re comfortable with the movements, and we also want to know the level of fitness you’re at.


  • Ensure there’s enough time to teach you the proper movements to allow you to get stronger and not injured
  • Work with you on any previous limitations or injuries and give you workarounds and mobility tips to help you move past the problem
  • Teach you the body positions from setting your back properly to lift, to how to squat without hurting your knees
  • Teach you how to use your core so you actually feel it! (and no it’s not just rubbish that you hear just squeeze your stomach!)

Before going into your first class, you’ll be aware and familiar with all these new movements so you can focus on your workout rather than worrying about getting hurt, or what the heck you’re doing during a workout!

If you’re ready to prove all the negative opinions wrong and find out for yourself.

Join our next fundamentals class which we limit to only 5 people at a time to allow for personalization and instruction.

OR if you’re a try it first person, we offer a free CrossFit class every Saturday at noon that’s geared towards beginners.

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