If You’re Muscle’s Aren’t Sore, You’re Not Shaping Your Body

| By Kevin

By Connie Phan

I was like most women after having kids. I gained fat around the mid-section, looked puffy from water retention and jiggly. It was time to reclaim my body back after having two kids!

So I did what I knew at the time.

I bought an expensive treadmill ($2,000) and ran for a year while I was taking care of my kids.

After a year of running by myself at home, I lost some of the fat around my mid-section (hooray!)

BUT noticed…I still looked the same.

I was weighed lighter but felt like I had no muscle. I knew this because I had no muscle lines around my arms, and with all the running… my legs looked the same from when I started!

It was then when I realized; I was rarely sore when I ran, even doing fitness classes. I remembered when I use to do weights in University there would be days where I got sore, and then I kept at it and felt like I actually worked out because I felt sore and could start seeing the muscles develop.

At that point, I knew I needed a better way to build muscle and lose fat than doing the dreadful boredom of the treadmill.

One day, I went out for coffee with a girlfriend, and we got talking about fitness and baby weight. She brought up how fast she got results on this program she was doing and was raving about it.

Everything she said from:

  • She’s never felt so many muscles work at the same time
  • She started seeing muscle tone within a month
  • She never got bored of the workouts because every day was new
  • She was motivated because the other people she worked out with was motivating to be around
  • She said that it didn’t matter the level you’re at, ALL levels of fitness, shapes and sizes worked out together

Having people of different levels in the class instantly sparked my interest to “try” it, because all I’ve done is run with the odd fitness class. At this point I only knew I wanted something different and didn’t want to go to another Good Life or SPA Lady group classes where they lift 5# dumbbells all the time.

So I just went for it! The next weekend, I went her to a class and had ZERO expectations.

I was, of course, a little scared, but after my first class, I was like WOW! Here’s the feeling that you’re supposed to get when you actually work all your muscles.

I was sore for a week! Never have I experienced a workout where you get your cardio AND work your muscles at the same time.

Now call me crazy, even though it took me a week to recover, I went back… probably because

  1. I was getting muscle soreness, so I knew that my muscles were being worked
  2. Loved the challenge of learning new movements
  3. I was curious about what the next workout would make me feel

I signed-up for a membership after my first class.  And when my muscles were less sore, I went 4-times a week.

After 3 months, not only did I get my body back, but I started noticing definition around my arms, and mid-section. My clothes started fitting differently , and most surprising I had a feeling of great confidence.

It’s empowering being a mom of 2 and physically self-sufficient. I don’t have to ask anyone for help doing physical things like:

  • Carry a water jug for a water cooler by yourself to the car and into the house
  • Grab all the groceries at once from the car in one trip
  • Keep up with my two kids and even carry both of them!

My rapid results are definitely attributed to the functional exercises I did in the CrossFit classes that worked so many muscles at once, and ones I didn’t know I had until they became sore.

I’m a lot less sore now (probably because every muscle been worked) and love the fact that I’m not bored because every day has a slightly different challenge to it.

Even after 4 years, I still go 4-times a week. It’s apart of my lifestyle with the muscle I’ve gained, how I feel, and it’s motivating to workout in an environment when you have others who want to be fit and learn.

The environment is empowering in itself when you’re around like-minded people regardless of fitness, age, and weight. The coaches make you feel re-assured on the technique and also pushing to the level you’re currently at. At the same time, you’re working out with everyone, and the person next to you might be doing different weights, but you’re all working together to accomplish a common goal!

— Connie P.